Are the toilet facilities in your establishment fully Doc M Compliant?

The new standard is mandatory for all new hotels and for major refurbishments, e.g. extensions to buildings, or where an entire washroom or bathroom is being refurbished with new products

The new standard also takes into consideration the requirements of the Disability Discrimination act 1995 – that states ‘All suppliers of goods and service must remove all physical barriers where it is deemed reasonable to do so. The main parts to the standard include:

For hotel bedrooms that are deemed wheelchair access there must be a 50:50 split between bathrooms with showers and bathrooms with baths A Unisex WC facility providing wheelchair access must be sited at every location within a building where there are able-bodied washroom facilities
Where there is more than one Unisex WC facility within a building they must be handed LH/RH to provide choices of transfer side

It is no longer acceptable to just have less-abled toilet facilities with a male or female washroom. You must also have a separate Unisex WC facility
In all hotel bedrooms and washrooms basin and bath taps (not showers) must be capable of being operated using a closed fist – this means single lever, lever action, push button or electronic taps must be used.

All basin taps, bath taps, showers, bidet taps etc. must be thermostatically protected with the hot water discharging at a maximum temperature of 41 degrees C Sanitaryware, walls and floors must all contrast with each other. This means that white basins on white walls with white flooring will no longer be acceptable. The standard stipulates a contrast value of 30 point difference in the Light Reflectance Value (LRV) between the surface finish of sanitary fittings and grab bars with the background walls and floor finishes.